Vinyl Liners

We have been replacing in-ground vinyl pool liners since we started in 1990. Our customers tell us that they have a hard time finding someone to work on vinyl liners. At Finn’s Pool and Spa Service, we can flawlessly install above ground pool liners as well as in-ground pool liners. We can replace the pipes, the track, the floor, the liner, and other liner equipment.

We also offer to create custom in-ground pool liners. We use only the best in-ground vinyl pool liners built with the legendary LOOP-LOC quality, beauty and fit. We provide you with superior quality and consistency throughout the job.


  • Manufactured using only the highest quality virgin vinyl material – resists puncturing, algae, mold, mildew and bacteria.
  • Choice of over 20 different spectacular designer patterns that will truly turn your pool into a work of art. 
  • State of the art computer technology and manufacturing equipment ensure a perfect fit on any pool – from a simple rectangle to the most complex form fit.


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